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It's not just ads. The short answer is -- we are the message developers and brand guardians for your campaign. Whether it's for a candidate or cause, our job is to help you find and project your voice through all communications from day one to victory, driving a message frame and narrative based on data-driven insight and centered in meaning.  Here's the day- in, day out for how that plays out.


Strategic counsel to principals, advisors, campaign staff, donors


     •Development of message framework for campaign



     •Media and debate preparation


     •Strategic counsel on integration of campaign communications


     •Strategic counsel on media relations, crisis communications

     •Review and counsel on all polling and research materials

     •Strategic counsel on utilizing social media networks to drive message

     •Presentations to donors, supporters and allies

Development of integrated media campaigns


     •Concepting/writing of all content for paid persuasion media


     •Directing of all video shoots and production


     •Production and design of all advertising content


     •Development of videos for digital media and social media


Development/implementation of integrated paid media placement strategy


     •Cross-Platform media planning, placement of all advertising:    

       Broadcast, Cable, Satellite, Streaming/OTT, Digital Video, Digital

       Display, Social Media, Mobile, Search, Radio


     •Research and real-time reporting of paid media activities of other

       candidates, committees and independent expenditure campaigns in

       relevant media markets


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