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Stories are how we connect. 
How we relate.
How we change minds, hearts, and votes.
In this cynical political era, voters dismiss talking-point ads and hollow promises. They want to understand what motivates a candidate as a person, what drives passion for a cause, what experiences shape the kind of leader you will be or type of movement they can make their own. They want to know your back story.
The multitude of media platforms available demands that we communicate in integrated narrative arcs that can span a campaign or a career. Whether it's creating the public image of a first-time candidate or pursuing policy change through ballot initiative or legislation, the most effective media is that which maintains a consistent voice, trustworthy tone and compelling storyline, tailored to leverage the attributes of each media platform.
And most of all -- evokes a feeling that causes an action.
Backstory brings a fresh approach to political creative -- bringing stories to life in evocative ads and filmic videos that convey your truth to create deep and lasting connections with voters. This power can be wielded to promote a positive message just as effectively as it can cut down an opposing view. 
Driven by strategic imperative; honed by years of experience in hard-fought political battle; infusing your campaign with a persuasive narrative that's centered in meaning, feeling and action.
Delivered across all digital, streaming, and linear media platforms and screens, wherever we and voters meet. 

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"Just incredible... most effective political ads...
VoteVets has really been punching above its weight this election cycle"

Rachel Maddow

In 2020, VoteVets launched a year-long campaign to attract new supporters to the organization and defeat a traitor president.
 We created a series of digital video ads to use in paid and organic placements on social media platforms to engage our targets.
"Speed kills" was our mantra. We built the program to foresee where the news cycle was headed, nimble enough to crash into it at just the right moment for maximum impact. We didn't follow the news cycle, our ads made news
in the news cycle, and often created the news cycle.  
"Fresh creative" was our platform. Hard-hitting ads exposed truths about Donald Trump and the threat he posed to troops, veterans, and national security. Our North Star was - we only proceed when veterans are the only ones who can say what needs to be said.
The series generated over 45 million organic views across social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube), and were viewed by tens of millions more via paid placements. VoteVets became one of the most watched political video content creators on Twitter and Facebook. 
Exit polling by Edison Research showed Trump's support among active duty military and veterans dropped  precipitously.  Trump won these voters by 26 points in 2016. On Election Day 2020, the gap had narrowed to 7 points, providing a decisive edge for Biden. 

The campaign swept the 2021 AAPC POLLIE Awards, winning for Best Presidential Digital ad; Best Presidential IE TV ad; Best Viral Video; Best Use of Video; Best Bilingual Digital spot; and the Silver POLLIE Award for Best Digital Creative Set for the campaign as a whole.









we just won 8 POLLIE Awards!

Our work with VoteVets garnered seven POLLIES, including

Gold POLLIE for Best TV Spot for Presidential Primary IE &

Gold and Bronze POLLIES for Best Presidential Digital Ad.

Our work with The Lincoln Project garnered a Gold POLLIE for Best Viral Video. 

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